Device Requirements

Interactive Content Requirements

To view the interactive content portion of the HIRE YOUR MONEY® program:

You will need a personal computer, a tablet or a mobile device with access to the Internet.

You also need an HTML5 compatible internet browser.

Almost all of the latest versions of the popular browsers are HTML5 capable, however some are more capable than others.

We recommend the latest versions of the following browsers or viewers: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Samsung Internet, Opera Mobile, iOS, Amazon Silk and Firefox Mobile.


Always set all hardware, software and apps to the full screen mode and use the landscape orientation on your device.

To View The Micro-course Take-Aways™

You will need a software product or app that will allow you to download, view and store PDF format documents.

To Use The Money Toolbox™ Tools

You will need Microsoft Excel™ 2010 (or later version) or a 100% compatible alternative product.

Don't worry! You do not need to know a thing about spreadsheets to use our tools.

A Few Words About Microsoft Excel®

Our tools were created with Microsoft Excel® 2010.

All you need is access to Microsoft Excel® 2010 (or later version) or a 100% Excel® compatible software alternative/ app to view or customize our Money Toolbox™ tools with your personal data.

Again, don’t worry about the fact that our Money Toolbox™ tools were created with Microsoft Excel®. We have designed these tools for people who know nothing about spreadsheets. Excel® was chosen for its ability to automatically calculate and color code information.

Many Microsoft Excel® or Excel® compatible software options are available for free or at a very low cost. Options from Microsoft include Office Online®, Office for students®, Office 365 Education®, Office 365 Personal®, Office 365 Home or a 100% Excel® compatible spreadsheet product.

Microsoft Excel® is available as computer software, smart device apps and cloud based versions.