Money Toolbox™

The Money Toolbox™ section of the HIRE YOUR MONEY® program is a real problem solver! It is packed full of tools that inspire you to develop reliable, real world skills that help you get more from your money.

You can download the tools and customize them to use with your own personal information to help you make money decisions easier regarding credit, expenses, savings and more.

This section also contains sample documents that help you become familiar with common statements like credit reports, account statements, utility bills and paychecks.

Some consider our money planning tool to be the most valuable and others believe the step by step goal setting tool is priceless.

The amount of money that you have to work with does not determine your level of success when it comes to money matters.

Money is a tool that, when used properly and thoughtfully, can improve your life and the world around you.

Money should be used in harmony with your personal values and priorities.

Money Tools help you create a successful money life -  successful in the way you define it.

Take a moment to review the truly amazing array of tools included in the Money Toolbox™.