Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To empower people to live a better life.

We strive to empower people to live a better life with our exceptional educational products and services. And we believe that everyone deserves to live a better life, along with improved goal achievement and greater peace of mind.

Our values

  1. We want our reputation to be “easy to do business with”. In other words, we strive to do what is right when it comes to our customers and team members.
  2. We are committed to excellence in our products, as well as continuous improvement in our business.
  3. We believe our team members deserve respect, fair compensation, and growth opportunities.
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Our Story

I am passionate about helping  young adults live a better life by avoiding costly and painful money mistakes, as well as building their confidence in dealing with everyday money matters.

The inspiration for the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course started at my kitchen table, meeting with young adults preparing for marriage. Not only were many of them were struggling with money issues. But they also didn’t feel prepared to take over their own money lives. As a Mom, my heart went out to them.

For this reason, I became determined to find a way to help these young people. My team and I asked high school and college graduates what they wanted and needed to learn about money matters. And we have worked hard to create the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course just for you.

We are proud to offer you the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course, which delivers a unique perspective and approach to acquiring money knowledge and skills.

Our founder

My husband and I have one son and a wonderful daughter-in-law. Equally important, we have been married for over twenty years. One of our favorite pastimes is hiking in national and state parks. In addition to hiking, we are avid Do It Yourselfers. And recently, we developed an interest in custom Lego® MOC designs.

I have a strong background in graphics design and accounting systems. Also, I have experience in product delivery systems and customer service. Furthermore, I am a skillful trainer and public speaker. I consider my key strengths to be course design, graphics development, script creation, and voice over talent in my business.

Elaine Johnson

Giving Back

Supporting those who need a helping hand

We believe in supporting those who need our help. For this reason a portion of the profit from each HIRE YOUR MONEY® course sold goes to support the educational programs of Unbound.

Unbound is an organization that enables individuals and families around the world to become self-sufficient.

A message from Unbound:

“We believe the smartest path out of poverty is a self-directed one. Our team listens to the children, elders and families we serve, helping them develop personalized plans based on their unique challenges, needs and skill sets. We partner with sponsored friends as they set and achieve their own goals.”

Our Planet

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We are committed to the environment

We are committed to a greener world. In fact, we have made it a priority in our business.

Our product is eco-friendly

For this reason, we have made many changes to the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course materials to make them eco-friendly. For example, the E-Guidebook is now a downloadable pdf instead of a printed document. This change reduces our environmental footprint. Also, we changed the content delivery method from compact discs to digital streaming. As a result, we were able to do away with the packaging and delivery services required to deliver those discs. 

More ways we reduce our impact

Of course, we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet. For instance:

  • Using fuel-efficient, lower emission transportation.
  • Lowering our use of electricity, natural gas, and water.
  • Seeking environmentally responsible suppliers.
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