Money Skills Lab™

Money Skills Lab™

Build Your Money Skills with the Hire Your Money® Course
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Develop money skills

You will be able to develop your money skills with the Money Skills Lab™ collection of “how-to” videos, including an overview, called Money Tool Tips. This section of the course deals with developing critical everyday skills that simplify money matters. 

Each video demonstrates step by step how to use each custom-designed, interactive  Money Toolbox tool, as well as provides insights into the practical application of that tool. It helps you get results.

Interesting and informative videos

Build the confidence you will need when dealing with everyday money matters with these interesting and informative videos. A few of the things you will learn are how to:

  • Develop a system to handle receipts, schedule and pay bills so that you never miss paying a bill on time.
  • Balance a checkbook or account.
  • Read and understand your credit report.
  • Estimate your living expenses. 
  • Create a dynamic money plan that works.
  • Compare credit card offers.
  • Set and reach savings goals.

Companion sections

The companion sections to the Money Skills Lab™ are the Money Toolbox™ and the Money Knowledge Builder™. This section builds on lessons learned in the Money Knowledge Builder™, to empower you to feel more confident and capable when making money decisions. Together with the Money Toolbox™ tools, this part of the course will guide you in developing reliable, real-world skills. 

Learn life changing skills

Take a moment to review the Money Skills Lab™ Menu, which outlines the host of life changing-skills you can learn from this segment of the course.

These how-to videos go hand in hand with the Money Toolbox™ tools.

Money Skills Lab™ videos for the Hire Your Money course
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