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Technical support availability

Technical support is available from Monday through Friday
10 AM to 7:30 PM Central Standard Time.
Our office is closed on all US bank holidays, the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas.

Email technical support

We provide email technical support during the entire HIRE YOUR MONEY® 365 Day All Access Pass period.  However, all technical support requests must be initiated by Email in order to route the request to the proper support specialist. Contact us at

To help us resolve your technical support issue as fast as possible, please provide the following information:

  • Your order number and your Email address.
  • Describe the problem in as much detail as possible.
  • Include the brand and model of your device, along with which browser software you are using with the course.

Device Requirements

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You will need an internet enabled device

You will need a personal computer, a tablet or a mobile device with access to the Internet, as well as an HTML5 compatible internet browser.

Almost all of the latest versions of the popular browsers are HTML5 capable. The latest versions of the following browsers or viewers are recommended: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Samsung Internet, Opera Mobile, iOS, Amazon Silk and Firefox Mobile.

FOR THE BEST VIEWING EXPERIENCE:   Set all hardware, software and apps to the full screen mode and use the landscape orientation on your device.

A PDF viewer is needed to view the Micro-course Take-Aways™

So that you can download, view and store the Micro-course Take-Aways™, which are the key concepts from each Money Knowledge Builder presentation, you will need a PDF software product or app.

To use the Money Toolbox™ tools

In order to use the Money Toolbox tools, you will need Microsoft Excel® 2010 (or later version) or a 100% Excel® compatible software alternative/app. However, you don’t need to know a thing about spreadsheets. As a matter of fact, these tools are designed for people who know nothing about spreadsheets. 
Microsoft Excel® is available as computer software, smart device app and cloud based version. There are many Microsoft Excel® or Excel® compatible software options available for free or at a very low cost. Options from Microsoft include Office® (free), Office for students®, Office 365 Education®, Office 365 Personal®, Office 365 Home or a 100% Excel® compatible spreadsheet product.

Compatibility checklist

Many technical issues are due to software incompatibility. So please refer to Device Requirements to verify that you are using the recommended software for the best viewing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your program Welcome Email contains the information required to access the interactive content. If you require any assistance, please contact us at 

The Money Toolbox™ tools can be downloaded from the Money Toolbox™ menu within the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course. Also, you can download the Micro-course Take-Aways™ from the Micro-course Take-Aways™ Menu. Simply select the desired item, click the download, and save it to your device.

If you are having difficulty locating the information, contact us at for assistance.

Two full years of the EZ TrackR™ Money Tool are included with the 365 Day All Access Pass.

If you need additional years , you can order the entire Money Toolbox™ with the latest versions of these fantastic tools.

Contact us at for details.

No, we do not give investment advice! We do not tell you what to invest in or who to trust with your money. Rather, we define what successful investing is and give you some ways to protect yourself when investing. Investing is an activity that requires a solid foundation in everyday money matters prior to investing. For this reason we consider that investing is more of an advanced topic rather than a foundational one.

The 365 Day All Access Pass allows you to access the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course for 365 days from the purchase date. So you get an entire year of access!

This interactive course includes the Money Knowledge Builder™ micro-courses, the Money Skill Lab™ videos, and more. The downloadable Money Toolbox™ tools and Micro-course Take-Aways™ are yours to keep.

Yes, you can renew the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course for an additional 365 days. The renewal includes continued access to the digital streaming content, including the Money Knowledge Builder™, the Money Skills Lab™, the Money Toolbox™ tools, the Micro-course Take-Aways™ and Technical Support. It is called the HIRE YOUR MONEY®  365 Day Renewal.

Contact us at for details.

NO! We never automatically renew. Instead, we will send you an offer to extend your 365 Day All Access Pass upon expiration.


You have 365 days from the date of purchase to access the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course. You may access the self-paced course on any day at any time. Revisit and review content and concepts throughout your access period. Some have chosen to complete the entire course in a weekend. However, many people prefer a more relaxed approach, completing the content over several weeks or months. The downloadable Money Toolbox™ tools and the Micro-course Take-Aways™ are yours to keep.

Just contact us at and we will happily work to resolve your issue.
We always love to hear from you!

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