Money Knowledge Builder™

Money Knowledge Builder™

The Money Knowledge Builder™ helps you build a solid foundation in everyday money matters
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Build a solid foundation in everyday money matters with the Money Knowledge Builder ™

The Money Knowledge Builder ™ section of the course helps you quickly and easily build a solid foundation in everyday money matters. It delivers a working knowledge of money terminology and how money works. In other words, you will learn the nuts and bolts of everyday money matters. 

Furthermore, this part of the course goes beyond money terms and processes. It also offers insights that will help you avoid common and costly money mistakes. Why not take advantage of the experience of others, with the Hire Your Money® course.

Concise, focused and easy to understand presentations

This section consists of eighteen micro-course presentations which are concise, focused and easy to understand. In fact, most of the presentations last 20 minutes or less, which is perfect for the busy person on the go. No reading required. Just relax, watch and learn!

A few of the things you will learn how to do are:

  • Establish credit and use credit wisely.
  • Avoid debt and lower interest costs.
  • Protect your identity and your money.
  • Build a great credit score.
  • Minimize your taxes.
  • Choose an investment advisor.
  • Identify your living expenses.
  • Get more for your money.

Companion sections

The companion sections to the Money Knowledge Builder ™ are the Money Skills Lab ™ and the Money Toolbox ™.  The videos and money tools included in these sections will help you apply your money knowledge and develop your money skills so that you can build a solid foundation in everyday money matters.

What topics are included?

Take a look at the Money Knowledge Builder ™ Menu to see the diversity of topics included in this section of the course.  With this self-paced course, you can pick any topic, in any order you choose. 

So that you can take each micro-courses key concepts with you, we also provide you with downloadable Micro-course Take-Aways™.

Money Knowledge Builder™ topics for the Hire Your Money® course
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