The Hire Your Money® course

The Hire Your Money ® Course is the fast and easy to understand way to gain the money know-how and skills you need to successfully manage your everyday money matters. Access the program on any day at any time. Go at your own pace. Revisit and review content and concepts for an entire year. Just Relax, Watch & Learn on any compatible internet enabled device.


$499.00 $349.00


This interactive program includes the Money Knowledge Builder™, the Money Skills Lab™, the Money Toolbox™, Micro-course Take-Aways™ and more. You will also receive 2 Bonus Features: A downloadable program E-Guidebook and 11 Months of Encouraging Reminders.

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After placing your order- what to expect

After placing your order for the Hire Your Money ® course, you will receive an Email receipt usually within 1 hour of purchase. Check to make sure that your payment transaction receipt or our Emails do not go into your spam folder. Also, you will receive an order acknowledgment from us that we have received your order which includes your order number.

You or your gift recipient (if you purchased the 365 Day All Access Pass as a gift) will receive a Welcome Email within one business day containing your course log in information.

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