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Everyday Money Skills Course

Interactive course helps you build everyday money knowledge and skills

Quickly and easily build your everyday money knowledge and skills with this interactive course. Both thought-provoking and entertaining, the course is based upon what we call Carousel Immersive-Response Design. This design makes the information easier to understand. Therefore, the user can remember key concepts much better than text-only based formats.

View the course from any compatible internet-enabled device. And you can enjoy the streaming, multimedia content in real-time, at your own pace, in your own space, anytime day or night. Watch the presentations or listen as you would an audio-book. It’s your choice.

The Hire Your Money® main menu for this everyday money skills course
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Three key sections of the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course

The three key sections of the course focus on money knowledge, money skills, and money tools, so that you can build a solid foundation in everyday money matters. You will be able to: 

  • Increase your money knowledge, which is the basis for good money decisions.
  • Learn money skills that will turn your money knowledge into outstanding results.
  • Use money tools that enable you to apply your money skills in a real and meaningful way.

The Money Knowledge Builder™ section of this course consists of interesting and entertaining presentations on a variety of money topics, along with downloadable key concepts from each presentation. Most of the presentations last twenty minutes or less. Also, the Money Toolbox section consists of downloadable money tools and the Money Skills Lab­™ section is a collection of how-to videos.

Hire Your Money® Course graduate introduction - graduate emoticon
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Hire Your Money® Course couples introduction - lady bug
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Unique introductions for graduates or couples

In addition to the key sections, which are the Money Knowledge Builder, the Money Skills Lab, and the Money Toolbox, there are unique introductions for graduates and couples. The Introductions are a great place to start the course. Whether you are a graduate or a couple, these unique introductions will address your specific concerns and money challenges.

Two bonus features

We want you to experience all of the benefits this course has to offer. For this reason, we have put some unique bonus features in place to encourage you to complete the HIRE YOUR MONEY course.

Hire Your Money® Course e-guidebook cover


The E-Guidebook provides an overview of the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course. It is a guide to course navigation, content and menus. Place it in a conspicuous place on your device home screen so that you have a visual reminder to complete the HIRE YOUR MONEY® course.

Monthly Reminders Calendar

Monthly reminders

We recognize that your life is very busy. So we understand that it is easy to get sidetracked away from important goals and intentions. For this reason, we will send you eleven monthly e-mail reminders to encourage you to complete the course.  Each reminder will also give you helpful money matters tips.

Money Knowledge Builder™ man with money in a wheelbarrow
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Money Knowledge Builder™

You will quickly build your money knowledge with these concise, focused and easy to understand presentations. 

Money Skills Lab™- men rolling large skills balls
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Money Skills Lab™

These videos demonstrate how to use each Money Toolbox™ tool and offers tips on the practical use of each tool.

Money Toolbox™

You will develop reliable, real world skills with these downloadable money tools.

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