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Wallet with too many credit cards
Credit Cards

Can You Have Too Many Credit Cards?

Can too many credit cards lower your credit score? One question that I’m asked frequently is whether you can have too many credit cards. Well, the answer is – it depends. Over the years, it’s easy to acquire quite a few credit cards. Maybe you signed up for a store

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money ready young adult Woman Worried
Money Knowledge

Is Your Young Adult Money Ready?

Is your young adult money ready? In other words, if you have a young adult in your life who just graduated high school or is attending college, are they ready to be self-sufficient in their money lives?

A few years back, my twenty-something niece moved into her first apartment. She was really excited about having her own space.

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Build an emergency fund -Person wearing face mask with the word Covid-19 across

3 Easy Ways To Build An Emergency Fund During The Pandemic

If this coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, beyond social distancing, washing our hands and wearing a facemask, its that our income stream can be suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted.  If you are fortunate enough to have avoided Covid 19 and you’re among the 80% of the working population who still

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